Monday, August 29, 2011

Chanel Black Pearl

Hey you guys!

Today I wanted to show you my swatches of Chanel Black Pearl. This nail polish came out as part of the Chanel Les Perles de Chanel Collection for Spring 2011. Now this also came out with two other nail polish colors, Pearl Drop and Péche Nacrée, but this is THE ONE... the one that caught my eye. The one I made an investment on. Chanel nail polishes are very expensive ($25 a bottle). I think the only people that are actually willing to buy them are loons for everything nail polish, like myself!!

Here are my swatches of Chanel Black Pearl. I don't regret buying this baby here because it looks amazing. It's heavy green shimmer shines through in the sunlight... that I unfortunately didn't have to swatch them. You see this weekend in New York we had Hurricane Irene as a visitor and she made my swatching day horrible with her heavy clouds and rain. Sooo I had to take the pictures Indoor. So bear with me here, they aren't the best.
Black Pearl is a charcoal grey/dark green shimmer.  Unfortunately, this picture doesn't show you the green shimmering beauty. It does how ever show the base color, which is a dark charcoal with flashes of green. I love how this dark grey-green was released for Spring. It is dark for the season yet it works.... really well!!
In this picture you can see a little bit of that green shimmer I was talking about. Black Pearl is definitely a hit for me. It is now one of my beloved treasures from my nail polish collection. <3

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