Monday, August 29, 2011

Cookie Party!

Hey people! I am very exited to show you something that I found today while I was in Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ.

So I'm walking out of the food court after having my lunch and I decided to go to Aldo Shoes. Since Aldo is in the second floor, I take the escalators only to discover this cute little stand called Cookie Party. Now, what called my attention about this spot wasn't the cookies, but the cupcakes. I didn't know which ones to get.  There were Sundae Cupcakes, Fudge, Vanilla, and Strawberry cupcakes. It too a while but I decided to get the Red Velvet with CREAM CHEESE FROSTING!!! Ugh, it was so good. The frosting was a little too sweet but the cake balanced it out because it wasn't that sweet. Man that cupcake was good. I love Red Velvet Cake especially with cream cheese frosting. Its like the perfect balance between sweet and savory.

Do you see that? Do you see that frosting? I wish you can taste it because It was so light, sweet and airy... Ahhh. The cake was also fluffy. I have to admit I have tasted better, but this one was great! You can definitely find great cupcakes in the city, but this is very good for when your in the mall and your sweet tooth starts aching. I can't wait to go back and grab another one of these babies. Maybe I'll also try the cookies this time. They looked so good; and cute!! The cupcake's frosting is to blame for me not buying the cookies the first time around. Cream Cheese? Come on, how could one say no?
You can get a cupcake for $2.50, which is pretty good considering they're huge!! They're also coming to the city as I saw on their website (click here to go to their website), Toy's R Us: Times Square to be exact. I love to see small business grow like that. I hope you stop by and grab something sweet from here cause everything looks great!!

Hope you enjoyed my post as much as I enjoyed writing it,

Jennifer. <3

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  1. hi jennifer- my name is anthony and along with my mom and sister we are the owners of Cookie Party. These are all my mom's recipes and my sister does the baking so thank you for the compliment.

    I've been eating them all my life so it's nice to share. stop by Cookie Party on your next visit to the mall. would be nice to meet you and you can try our Famous "S" butter cookie which was written up in the New York Times. Have a nice weekend.