Monday, September 5, 2011

PURPLEMANIA: African Violet

I am so exited to introduce to you PURPLEMANIA, like Hulkamania but purple. What the hell is PURPLEMANIA you might ask yourself, well, this is going to be a series of blog post that featuring my favorite purple nail polishes.

SOOO here is the first PURPLEMANIA post!!

 Today I have for you American Apparel's African Violet. Honestly, I don't know when this came out, i just know it purple, and a hot purple!!

(Two coats of African Violet, with Sech Vite topcoat)
African Violet is a gorgeous purple. In my eyes it's everything a purple should be; bright, but not too bright. It also has a dustiness that I love!! The formula was amazing, as with most of the American Apparel nail polishes. It was very opaque and I could of gotten away with just one coat, but I used two anyway.

Here you can pick up more of the brightness in the purple. Look at that.... now that's a PURPLE!! I love this nail polish. It is definitely one of the best purples I own. You could grab one of these in any American Apparel or order online at their website by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed my first PURPLEMANIA post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you :)


  1. That's such a gorgeous color! Is it streaky at all?