Friday, September 23, 2011

Green Up Your Act!

Helloooo people! How are you today? It's been a while since my last post. Busy, busy, busy... busy busy.. BUSY!! I started school and I've barely been able to breath. WORD OF ADVISE: Do NOT leave classes that you could take during today, for tommorow. I learned the hard way and now, I'm overloading on stress -__-

But hey,  I've gotta keep my blog updated so here I go again.. Today I wanted to show you an amazing polish. It is Nicole by OPI's Green Up Your Act! It is part of the Fall 2011 Something About Color collection, which is a Target Exclusive. With the collection came four nail polishes Green Up Your Act, I Love You Cherry Much, It's Not Me, It's Blue, and Sounds Grape to Me. I just picked up two though, the other colors were just meh to me.

...And there she is. Green Up Your Act. This is the only color worth of showing you guys cause I also got It's Not Me, It's Blue (blue-gray shimmer) but I didn't love it. Green Up Your Act however, Is amazing. It is a dusty greeeeeeen. I just love greens like this. It is green, but not in your face. I love colors like that. The formula on this color was nice and even. This is definitely one of my favorite greens this Fall.

I just wanted to add a little extra to this post so I decided to show you how I rocked this color. I wanted some contrast so you know, I wore it with warm, earthy tones. I don't like matching my nail polish with the clothes I wear. I like them to stand out. Sooooooo here it is!
 KISSY FACE!! lol :-*
In case you are interested in knowing here is a list of where I bought my stuff...

Shirt and Leggings- Gap
Earrings and Necklace- Aldo Accessories
Sandals- EXPRESS
Ring and Bracelets- FOREVER 21

I hope you guys enjoyed my post. I have a question, how do you like to wear your nail polish?

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  1. I love green! I just did a makeup look on my blog using green eye shadow too. Love the color of that polish